ATDis #5 Bambi

Hello Internet Friends!

Yesterday my roommate (picture to the right) and I watched Bambi.  IMG_4316I have seen Bambi in my life, I am pretty sure that my family owned it on VHS, but I have not seen it in a very very long time.  I have quoted it many times (everybody gets twitterpated in the springtime) and one of the quotes was a rule in our home (if you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all) but I haven’t ever watched this movie as an adult-like-person until now.

Bambi was a very beautiful movie.  The multi-plane camera that Walt Disney invented was definitely put to good use here, and it led to some beautiful scenes.  Also, the score for the movie was so beautiful.  My roommate and I kept talking about all the cymbal crashes and violin sweeps as the movie progressed.  I love the song “Little April Shower” and it holds a place on my “rain” playlist, which means I listen to it semi-often, living in Florida where it rains at around 2pm every day over the summer.

Ok…. I tried really hard not to write this paragraph.  I really did.  But I can’t help it.  Bambi twerks throughout the entire film.  Even as an adult, he twerks.  He sticks his little white tail in the air and wiggles it around in  the cutest way, but he twerks.  After seeing it (and commenting on it) the first time, I said “but I’m not going to write about that” and then it happened again.  And again.  And again.  So I mentioned it.

One other thing I will mention, is that I really like how the movie watches all of the forest creatures.  We truly get a picture of everyone, rather than just the main characters.  When Bambi is born, we see all the little animals welcoming him.  As we continue through his life, we still get to stop and see how everyone else is doing.  This “stop and smell the roses” type approach was really cool to see.

In terms of Walt’s legacy, something I really like about the movie that we haven’t seen from Walt Disney so far in this adventure, is the full-circle-ness of the movie.  We start with Bambi being born and end with his children.  We start with his father, the Great Prince of the Forest, looking over him and end with him looking over his children.  It truly showed the life of Bambi, with all its ups and downs, heartbreaks and twitterpated-ness, in a beautiful and satisfying way.  While in the other movies we see a beautiful story, none are so… complete, as this one.  I don’t know there was something very cathartic about this movie that I normally don’t experience in the whole “full circle” endings (I’m looking at you Gilmore Girls, a year in the life.  You too season 6 finale of Once Upon a Time).  I think Walt and his team did an excellent job.

¡Amigos de Internet! Join us in our next episode for a special, and not very well known, treat.


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