ATDis #2: Pinocchio

Hello Internet Friends!

A few days ago I watched Pinocchio for the first time in my whole life.  Sorry for not posting at the time, Finals are crazy.  But yes, for the first time.  At the very least, the first time all the way through in my memory, as I may have been shown various clips or whatever in my life or watched it when I was too small to remember.

I really like how sassy Jiminy Cricket is, asking for a badge (a nice Gold one), asking to be his conscience (the little voice in your head nobody listens to), etc.  He is also very real.  He scolds himself, he makes mistakes, he yells and apologizes.  I sort of expected him to be “perfect conscience character” (like Fairy Godmother from Cinderella).  This is how he is portrayed when he makes cameos in things like “Mickey’s House of Mouse” (the Christmas episode). So I definitely did not expect how he was in real life.

The whole first half of the movie (the half in Geppetto’s house) just made me think about It’s a Small World at Disney.  I don’t know if its the repetitive motions of the wood-carved clocks and music boxes, or the German atmosphere, or the style of the music in this half.  I just couldn’t stop thinking about the “Happiest Cruise that Ever Sailed Around the World.”

Looking at the movies in Chronological Order, I see one parallel so far: Wishing.  From wishing wells, to wishing stars, to wishing apples, it seems like Walt Disney was very interested in Wishing.

This is making me sad now, because Magic Kingdom’s traditional fireworks show, “Wishes,” is ending at the end of next month.  I’ve seen it many times, of course, but its ending.  I am excited for the new show “Happy Endings” (or “Happily Ever After” or something like that), but I am sad for the passing of the tradition.  Jiminy was the narrator for “Wishes” and for it to change makes me sad, now that I see the history of Wishing in original Disney Classics.

Stay tuned for the next movie! It will be fantastic!

Thanks for coming along 🙂


ATDis #1: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Hello internet peeps!

Me at Magic Kingdom’s “New Fantasyland” construction wall, being grumpy at Grumpy (circa 2014? 2013?)

First off, I will say happy belated Easter to you all.  I hope it was full of yummy egg-shaped chocolate, sugar covered marshmallow animals, and, most importantly, the love of Jesus.

Today, I watched Snow White, I’ve officially begun my process of watching all 56 Disney movies.  One down, 55 to go.

Now I am going to tell you what I thought of this movie (obviously, as is the point of the blog).  I will also assume that there is no reason to hide spoilers, as the movie is from 1937, so if you are worried, I say now “Spoiler alert.”

I am trying not to be a cynic here, I don’t want to poke holes in the plot or ask dumb-ish questions like “Why did none of the animals (1) try to bite her or (2) have rabies?” The goal here is not to destroy my childhood, the goal is to relive it.  I also want to put some thought into what the characters are like, what I learned/noticed from this watching, etc.

Many people have claimed Snow White to be the most “bland” or “boring” or “wimpy” princess.  I have often thought that, but in my mind it was more “innocent” than any of those other adjectives.  During this watching, however, I noticed another side of Snow White.

When she first approaches the cottage of the Dwarfs, she looks inside the window and in an EXTREMELY mocking tone says to her animal friends “ooh its dark in there!” Her animal friends are frightened by this, but she goes over to the door, and very rapidly knocks once, knocks twice, opens the door and says “I guess nobody’s home!” and just waltzes right in.

This may seem very pure and innocent, but she does her knocking so quickly  that no one would have had a chance to go inside.  Leading me to this insight:

Snow White is OK with sneaking/breaking into a house.

OK, I know what you’re thinking.  “She’s just going inside! She didn’t know any better!” But no.  She knew exactly what she was doing.  Once she enters, she turns around and shushes the animal friends (who are all VERY hesitant to enter in the first place), proving once and for all she knows that she’s going somewhere she knows she shouldn’t be.

The other interesting thing I noticed was the strange relationship she had to the dwarfs.

When she first goes into the cottage, she assumes children live inside.  When the dwarfs come back, however, she corrects herself and calls them “little men.”  But honestly, I kind of feel like she never stops thinking about them as children.  She scolds them, she forces them to wash their hands, she tells them “its far past your bedtime” and she just treats them as children.  UNTIL they want to do something nice for her, then Doc acts as almost a grandfather figure.

Grumpy is the only one who notices any of this, talking about how she can’t tell him what to do in his very grumpy way.

Overall, though, I find it kind of odd that the six other dwarfs (all repeatedly referred to as “men” by Doc) are fine with being treated as children, even if it is the princess treating them that way.  I’m all for chivalry, the scene where they give her their beds is adorable and I love it, but I just think the gray haired, bald, old-looking men should not be bossed around by a canonically 14-year-old girl.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what I think.  This movie started the whole franchise.  I am forever grateful for the work that was put into this movie and I will forever cherish it as the one that began the empire.

Tune in next time for our next movie! I’ll give you a hint, no strings attached 😉

Thanks for joining the Adventure.

Let’s Add Disney to the Mix

Hello Internet Friends!

I don’t know if you know this about me, but I love Disney.  I really do.  My parents met working at MGM Studios (now Hollywood Studios), my middle name is “Ariel” and for a long time I wanted to be a voice actress.

Disney is kind of a self-fulfilling property for me.  My family has kept annual passes my entire life.  So, of course, I have seen many Disney movies.

What I have never done, however, is watch all of them in a row in chronological order while analyzing them and how they have grown and changed.  So, this summer, in addition to Shakespeare, I will also be watching the Disney movies.

Now what I mean by “all of them” is the list of “Walt Disney Animated Classics” as shown here.  Also I will be watching the Pixar movies as listed here.

I hope to watch at least one per day and post about each movie.  I don’t know what each post will entail (a rating? a summary? a memory attached to it?).  The Shakespeare plays will be posted about as I finish each play.

Am I biting off more than I can chew? Am I going to give up halfway? Am I going to succeed with flying colors?  Find out next time on our next episode of Adventuring Through!


Also: I promise I will stop stalling and actually start posting about the stuff very soon.

The First Adventure

Hello internet friends!

We are off! Our first magnificent adventure is on its way!

But where are we going?

This summer, my goal is to read all of Shakespeare.  I am currently in an Intro to Shakespeare class, and our first reading for the class was the introduction to our complete works, “Why Read Shakespeare’s Complete Works?”  It listed all kinds of reasons why someone should read the complete works of Shakespeare.  What can I say? I was convinced.

This summer, I am going to read all of Shakespeare (specifically the versions in my current complete works (Text)book The New Oxford Shakespeare The Complete Works Modern Critical Edition by Taylor, Jowett, Bourus and Egan, published in 2016.  (Let’s hope that’s enough info to keep the copyright people off my back).

I am going to read Shakespeare every day, starting sometime soon, and write about what I’ve read and what I think about it.  Any insights I have will be posted to this blog and hopefully these will get less awkward (and hopefully my title’s will get less cheesy).

Thanks for joining me on this adventure 🙂

Let’s go on an Adventure

Hello avid website-lookers and link-clickers! I’m Christina, its nice to meet you.

Now that that’s out of the way, I guess I should tell you why I am starting this blog.  I have always been a big fan of doing things to completion.  That feeling when you’ve done all of something.  Of course, this feeling is very difficult to come by and is few and far between, and I am a human and therefore don’t always do everything I set out do.  This blog is (hopefully) going to help me with that.  My plan is to use this blog as a journal, of sorts, to look at all the things I am going to do to completion.  And I’m not talking “I finished an episode of Sherlock in one sitting” completion, but actual “impressive” completion.

I will be graduating with a degree in creative writing and moving on to law school in the fall, so this blog will also help me keep my non-academic writing up to snuff.

I’m inviting you, my dear (currently non-existent) Readers, to join me on some adventures.

So that’s it.  Thanks for coming along.

Here we go.